Friends Around the World CAL Week 5 – Textured Heart Square by Emily

Love this 😁


The week 5 of the Friends Around the World CAL is a very unique Textured Heart Square by Emily Franks.  Emily designed the Star Wars Mystery CAL last year and was the very first featured designer of the Facebook group, CAL – Crochet A Long.  I am not a big SciFi fan so I did not join the CAL but was intrigued by the looks of the afghan that reminded me of Tunisian crochet.

I must admit the instructions look a bit different from what I am used to and I was initially intimidated.  But once I got going, I LOVED it!  The technique was definitely something new to me and I am so glad that I gave it a try.

FATW Week 5.jpg

Emily gives us 2 methods to complete the pattern.  I actually tried both and liked the second “alternate” method better, mostly because I don’t like weaving in ends…

I do have a…

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